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How to get your manicure done?

A successful manicure is the secret of pretty hands. How to properly apply your nail polish? How to fix a broken nail? In this article, we will learn about how to get your manicure done.

An easy home manicure: the key steps:

  • Prepare your nails

Before you start applying your trendy nail polish, prepare your hands. To do this, make sure you have the necessary manicure kits to have beautiful nails. Then, put a base on your nails. Once it is completely dry, go to the next step.

  • Apply your nail polish well

To intensify the color of the varnish, two coats are mandatory. The first is always irregular, it is normal, it serves as an undercoat like paint. The second serves to intensify and unify the color. Then, it’s the turn of the top coat. Like the base coat, it is essential.

  • How to do a French manicure like the pros?

For the first, you have to arm yourself with very very white varnish to draw the edge of the nail straight. For the others, place the stickers to delimit the space on which you wish to place white varnish. Once the varnish is applied, peel off the stickers!

  • Semi permanent polish

The semi-permanent varnish is the friend of women in a hurry. No, it is not faster to apply, but it lasts up to two weeks. Only downside: the semi-permanent varnish cannot be removed with conventional solvent.

If you want to know more about nail beauty products, please take a look at our Maryton nail supply website. I wish you have a good manicure!

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