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How to make your nail polish last longer?

During the summer months, your nails are assaulted by sand, sea and chlorine. But don’t worry, nail supply expert Maryton shares some foolproof tips for preserving your manicure. Let’s find out how to highlight your nails, without having to constantly reapply polish.

Follow these three key steps to maximize the life of your varnish.

1. Cast the base

Before applying your nail polish, make sure to clean your hands and nails thoroughly. Then, soften the cuticles, either with a special oil or hand cream. The expert recommends that we only put the product on the contour of the nails so as not to interfere with the application of the base. To best prepare the nail, don’t forget to file your nails and apply a strengthening base.

2. Applying the color (without overflow)

No more overflows! Take a small amount of varnish and spread it from the inside to the outside of the nail. Let dry before adding a second coat. This ensures the intense color and good hold of your varnish.

3. Applying an ultra-resistant protective layer

For a summer without handling your nail polish, don’t hesitate to add a top coat after your two coats of color. Opt for a version with UV protective agents to increase color duration, shine and polish hold. For optimal results, do not hesitate to apply a layer every two days. You can also use it to fix your nail art.

With these tips from the pros, you’re ready to maintain a perfect manicure all summer long. In addition, I recommend investing in some manicure sets to care for your nails.

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