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How to fight soft nails?

Because strong and healthy nails are a dream for each of us, Maryton has prepared a complete guide to effectively combat soft and fragile nails. These problems, which make your daily life uncomfortable and tedious, can be easily solved with these suggestions.

What is soft nail?

Soft nail is a nail that has lost its resistance and solidity. It tends to bend with little effort and is more susceptible to damage. As a matter of fact, they also represent a health risk, because brittle or cracked nails can become routes of infection for bacteria and microbes. Additionally, a person with soft nails is more likely to develop conditions such as ingrown toenails and fungus.

What causes soft nails?

The causes of soft nails are diverse. Besides genetics, several factors can explain this phenomenon, such as the use of harsh chemicals, nutritional deficiencies or certain diseases. It is therefore essential to protect them and take great care of them with professional manicure kit to avoid their weakening.

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How to treat soft nails?

There are a variety of nail treatments available, from strengthening polishes to serums and treatments. Furthermore, diet plays a major role, because certain dietary deficiencies can affect the health of your nails. A diet rich in nutrients such as biotin, iron, calcium, zinc and vitamins is recommended.

Likewise, the use of food supplements can also be beneficial to combat soft nails. It is also possible to use vegetable oils of castor, jojoba, argan or borage to moisturize damaged nails and take care of the nail from its roots.

If, despite all these efforts, your nails remain soft, it is recommended to consult a doctor or dermatologist for professional advice and possibly specific treatment.

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