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Vigorun Wireless Earphones TWS-X9 Plus Review

Vigorun Wireless Earphones TWS-X9 Plus Review

After buying the Pamu Scrolls I was offered to try the Vigorun TWS Earphones (True Wireless Stereo) X9 Plus and then write a complete review.

The Vigorun X9 Plus Bluetooth in ear headphones can be purchased on Amazon for about € 45, they won’t be the best Bluetooth headsets on the market, they won’t be comparable to Apple Airpods wireless headphones or Samsung Galaxy Buds, but they are a good compromise for those in search of earphones with a good quality / price ratio.

If you go to Amazon and do a search with “Bluetooth Headsets” or “Wireless Headsets” you will find a lot of products sold around 30/50 euros, all very similar to each other.

Among the best-selling wireless headsets we found, these Vigorun X9 Plus that can also be found under other names, but in essence they are the same model.

Almost all these products have very positive reviews, the reason is because many manufacturers give these wireless headphones in exchange for a review that will almost always be positive, given that they have been given away. This also applies to the undersigned, I have been given for free in exchange for a review, but I’m not interested in writing a positive or negative review. The only thing that all my reviews have in common is “sincerity”, I always write what I think.

Package Contents and Build Quality

Inside the package we find:

  • the charging base with magnetic coupling;
  • the two Bluetooth headphones;
  • a micro USB USB cable;
  • a user manual with an Italian language;
  • a case for earphones;
  • 3 pairs of silicone rubber pads of different sizes to better adapt the headphones to our ear pad.

The charging base has a 3000 milliampere battery integrated and can be recharged via the micro USB port on the right side, while on the front of the charging base there is a USB port that allows us to use the base as power bank to recharge other devices, such as smartphones, etc.

The dimensions of the charging base are 82 x 55 x 32.5 mm, while the weight is around 90 grams. The charging case could be a little more compact to be more easily transported more easily inside the pockets of trousers or jackets.

The cover that covers the charging base is semi-transparent and allows you to see the 3 blue LEDs that indicate the charging status of the base. Furthermore, through the semitransparent cover, the LEDs located above the earphones that are red during charging are visible.

Once inserted inside the charging base, the earphones are very stable, the magnetic attachment is powerful enough to keep the earphones firmly anchored to the charging base. However, I find it a bit difficult to remove the earphones from the base because they cannot be taken well and tend to slip off the fingers.

The true wireless earphones Vigorun TWS X9 Plus do not have a particularly modern design, they are essential, compact enough to not protrude too much from the auricle.

Compared to Pamu Scrolls, they are only slightly more bulky, but slightly lighter.

The build quality is discreet, they are made entirely of plastic, the filter at the level of the front cavity of the headphones is a plastic membrane, while on the Pamu Scrolls we find a metal mesh.

The ergonomics are good, the wireless earphones are positioned inside the earpiece simply by pressing, so there are no mechanical aids to make them more stable. However, once positioned in a running manner they turn out to be stable and, also because of their lightness, you should not have difficulty during a running activity at a very mild pace.

Personally I do not recommend the use of this type of earphones during a run, if you really need to use them keep very low volume or use only a headset. The earphones in the ear absorb much of the sounds coming from the surrounding environment and there is no software capable of picking up the ambient sounds and transmitting them through the headphones to our ears.

Wearing headphones for a long time I never had pain in my ear.

Main Technical Features

These are the main technical features of the Vigorun TWS X9 Plus:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 earphones with Qualcomm CVC 8.0 noise cancellation;
  • support for Bluetooth profiles A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP;
  • touch control, to act on certain functions;
  • automatic connection to the associated devices as soon as they are removed from the charging and disconnecting base once they are repositioned in the base;
  • independent operation, the right and left earphones can also be used separately, in this case we will have a mono audio;
  • IPX6 certified, resistant against water and sweat splashes.

Let’s see what functions can be accessed with Touch Control:

  • when we receive a call with a touch we can answer the call while with a prolonged touch we are going to refuse the call;
  • while playing music with a touch, we stop or restart the media playback;
  • with a double touch on the right earphones we go to the next song, with a double tap on the left earphone we go back instead;
  • triple touch to activate Siri voice assistant or Google Assistant;
  • long tap on the right earpiece to increase volume, extended touch on the left earpiece to decrease the volume;
  • during a call with a double tap we answer the second incoming call, it is always possible to switch between the two calls with a double, during a call with a tap the call is closed;
  • while I’m on standby with a double tap we call the last number.

When we receive a call we will only hear a beep every few seconds that signals the incoming call, it is not like the Pamu Scroll where we are also informed of the number that is calling us.

The audio quality during calls is good, while our interlocutor will hear us in just enough way, this because, being headphones in ear, the microphone is definitely not in an optimal position.

The X9 Plus are Bluetooth 5.0 headphones and can be used separately, as if you had two different devices. This allows us to listen to the audio coming from a device, for example a TV, a laptop, a smartphone and simultaneously make a phone call.

Audio Quality

The Vigorun TWS X9 Plus earphones are in-ear type, for better listening you should use the smaller grommets or those that are mounted at the time of purchase.

The bass is quite rich in detail and deep, the voices are clear and I also think the answer about the others is positive. In general the sound is well defined, warm and less metallic than the one I detected with the Pamu Scrolls, the volume is sufficiently high and at maximum volume does not distort.

Obviously we are talking about headphones for less than 50 euros, so they are certainly not suitable for audiophiles.


The battery of the Vigorun X9 Plus is very good and even reaches 4 hours. Full charging takes about an hour, once the Red LEDs are charged they turn off.

The charging base allows you to charge your earphones several times, the manufacturer writes that you can recharge 43 times for a total of 100 hours of playback, I believe it because I’ve been using them for some time and I reloaded the base only once.

How to Pairing

Coupling the Vigorun X9 Plus wireless headphones to a Bluetooth device, for example our smartphone, is very simple, it will be sufficient to extract the headphones from the case and then put the smartphone in search mode. This will identify a new device with the name “X9 PLUS”, the audio will be stereo.

If instead we wanted to use the two headphones independently we should first take out a pair of headphones and then perform the same operation with the second. In this way two devices X9 PLUS L and X9 PLUS R are displayed on our device, with the battery charge alongside.

In the figure below both earphones are connected, but only one is active, mono sound. We are in this condition when we extract one earpiece at a time from the base.

In this case I extracted both headsets from the charging case at the same time, it is seen with a single device and therefore we have a stereo audio.

I have associated the headphones to two smartphones and to the TV, when I extract the headphones from the case they connect to both smartphones and the sound reproduced will come from the device on which I am playing a song, a video etc.

By disconnecting a headset from one smartphone and the other headset from the other smartphone, I will be able to use them independently of one another, so listening to music through a smartphone and making a call with the other or listening to a podcast.

However, when the headphones are paired with multiple devices and these are all nearby when we take them out of the charging case, they sometimes connect to just one smartphone, others to both devices, in short they do a little what they want.

The operating range of the X9 Plus is less than 10 meters, this in ideal conditions, without walls and other obstacles. At home I have reached distances of 5/6 meters with walls in between, without disconnecting. The X9 Plus have a wider range than the Pamu Scrolls.


In conclusion I was quite satisfied with the Vigorun X9 Plus wireless headphones in ear and I’m using them instead of the more expensive Pamu Scrolls.

The Pamu Scrolls are best wireless headphones that have been very successful in 2018 because they have been much publicized, now they can be bought for 70/80 euros, but I bought them shortly after the launch, paying about 50 euros.

I recommend buying Vigorun X9 Plus because they sound pretty good, they are very versatile, they have good ergonomics, good battery, the charging base guarantees many refills and can also be used as a power bank.

Are they the best bluetooth headsets in how quality / price? I don’t know, I’m not a headphone expert, I will probably try some more soon, but for now I can feel good and I will continue to use them until I try better ones.

Where to buy the Vigorun TWS-9 Plus

Obviously you buy on Amazon, they are shipped directly from Amazon so you can safely try them for 30 days and, if you are not satisfied, return them requesting a refund.

If you are looking for best budget wireless earphones and don’t want to spend more than 50 euros, Vigorun X9 Plus should be for you. To get a discount you can use this

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