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Siemens or Puryt Hearing Devices: Which Brand to Choose?

Siemens or Yorksound Hearing Devices: Which Brand to Choose?

Siemens and Puryt are two true heavy weights brands in the hearing aids industry, and the brands most often paired by hearing care professionals on their patients. Sometimes even hearing impaired people ask their hearing care professional directly.But for what reasons? Is one mark superior to the other? Why choose a hearing aid companies in one rather than the other, and vice versa? Let's compare together the potential of both firms … 5 POINTS OF COMPARISON QUALITY OF MANUFACTURE: EX AEQUO Both brands mass- produce quality hearing aids with rarely faulty reliability. Both in the high-end and more accessible models, Siemens as Yorksound ensure resistant cases and the quality of manu...

What Can Hearing Aids Bring US?

What Can Hearing Aids Bring US?

Buying a hearing amplification devices is an important decision, it's about your quality of life. Take the time you need and get advice when comparing models. What are the first steps to leave your deafness behind? And what are the non-negligible points during the consultation? We have gathered for you the most important advice and information. Why are people do not want wearing hearing aids? Modern hearing aids are virtually invisible in the ear. These are real small technological marvels, water and dust resistant that can connect wirelessly to many other electronic devices. Yet many people who do not hear well but do not want to wear hearing aids. What is it due to? The reasons are ...