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How to Make Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn Costume for Halloween

Because Halloween is the most impressive holiday, – we start literally Halloween in June – we must plan well, source and find ideas to suit cream-of-the-culture, ranging from couples halloween costums to mom and baby,group costumes. With Suicide Squad about to fall in theaters August 5th, we had to get in on the costume-creating fun. Harley Quinn is expected to steal the show, and after much of research, it is no surprise that this light-hearted, bubbly badass, who’s known as the Joker GF for years, will win our hearts. (Psst: There is a history of suicide brigade which is really fun to dive in, BTW.) Here’s how I recreated this character already incredibly iconic (which touches the top of my list for the funniest costume ever) .

Maybe I secretly want to be Harley Quinn IRL — after this movie comes out, I’m sure I won’t be the only one 😉

Materials and Tools:
— cosplay wig
— leather holster
— daddy’s li’l monster t-shirt
— puddin’ chocker
— hello-cos glove
— fishnet stockings
— studded belt
— full-finger ring
— studded bracelet
— booty shorts
— high-top Converse
— red + blue hair ties
— Sharpie


I am a huge fan of DIY-ing your look when it makes sense, but I always stick to a time-versus-money protocol when planning. That being said, you can totally buy or DIY this female halloween costumes. I did a combo of both.

Buying wigs on Amazon can be tricky, but this one was a winner — I highly recommend purchasing rather than making this yourself. I had a hard time finding the shorts for a reasonable price, so I got a red and blue pair, cut them in half, then sewed them back together with one red leg and one blue leg.

The shirt was another piece I contemplated making but ended up buying. I cut it up and added black makeup to rough it up and make it more like hers.


How to Make Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn Costume for Halloween

Face: Apply foundation a few shades lighter than your skin tone and keep your skin on the more fair side — no need to contour or add any blush. Instead, use a black eyeshadow to stipple on the bruised/dirty looking face. I used black face paint and a fine brush to paint on the heart. You guys, I messed up! I accidentally put the cut on the wrong side of my head. DON’T DO THIS. Ha!

Eyes: Apply red shadow on one eye and blue on the other and smudge it towards your temples on each eye. Add black eyeliner and mascara to make it pop.

Lips: Go for a true red lipstick and paint a smudge on your lower lip.

Accessories: You could make the choker with fabric, cardboard cutouts and gold spray paint, or you can buy this GEM for $23! I had a studded belt, so it didn’t make sense to buy one, although this one is a little different than hers. Stack your bracelets over the glove and add that badass ring to your other hand.

Now you’re ready to slay some bootay!

Seriously — I want to live in this costume! Who’s coming to the opening with me?!

Stay tuned for Harley’s beloved Joker costume tutorial coming soon.

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