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All about French manicure

French manicure is truly a beautiful nail art. Suitable for all women and all ages, it can be done on hands and feet, combining them with style and grace. It is also one of the favorite nail art for brides, and for those who want to look well-groomed, without overdoing it.

But how was the French manicure born? And how is it done? Let’s see it together in these few lines, with the certainty that afterwards, we will immediately want to try it.

How and where the French manicure was born

The French manicure clearly originated in France, and immediately became a great trend: it appeared in Parisian fashion magazines around the 1920s, when a refined and very simple, almost androgynous, canon of feminine beauty was sought. It is therefore not surprising that the women of the time also paid great attention to their manicures, treating their nails with iron files, and creating a rounded shape, without nail polish. This nail routine also allowed you to wear very long and well-groomed nails, because they were made harder and more resistant thanks to the frequent application of nail polish.

And now, do you know that the French manicure is born inverted? Yes, it was called “moon manicure”, and represented a nail art in which the part closest to the cuticles, rounded and naturally lighter than the rest of the nail. After that, the form of the most refined French manicure was appreciated, just as we know it.

How to best do the French manicure

It is always good to remember that any nail art, whether it be effective or not, has healthy and strong nails at its base. For this, it is advisable to choose to take professional manicure supplies, with a perfect vitamin complex to keep nails healthy and beautiful.

Soak your hands in hot water and with baking soda or coarse salt, and use the nail files to give them a rounded or square shape.Then apply the white polish, or the gel in case you opt for a gel nail reconstruction. This type of nail art is also suitable for those who love semi-permanent nail polish, certainly more lasting and resistant than classic nail polish. If you choose gel products, they will obviously have to catalyze in a UV or LED lamp for at least 90 seconds. Then, we move on to checking the shape, to be sure that the nails are all the same and of the desired length, and we proceed with the application of a transparent, natural or even slightly pink product. In fact, those who love the French style can also choose a transparent pink or even glitter gel, with a light veil of glitter, to dress the nails in light.

Why do we all love French manicures

Not only because it is delicate and simple, versatile and suitable for all contexts, from the most formal to the most worldly, but above all because the French follows the trends! In fact, the French manicure can be declined in so many shades and nuances, that we lose our head for this technique. And then, you can also choose to decorate our French with micro-paint, glitter, and even with the application of embossed crystals.

Hoping to have been helpful, I hug you and look forward to seeing in the next article!

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