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Nail Extension Removal

We often talk about nail reconstruction but we rarely focus on removal. If the product is not removed correctly, it could cause multiple damage to the nail such as red nails, depressions on the foil and white spots.

Many clients start the treatment with perfectly healthy nails and then end up with extremely weak and damaged nails. Many don’t do the reconstruction believing that it is the product that ruins the nail. But, if done and consequently removed in the correct way this risk will never be run.

Gel, acrylic and semi-permanent removal

Important thing to know is that each product has its own method of removal because it is a completely different material from each other in terms of resistance.

The gel is the most resistant product used for nail reconstruction, therefore it is not possible to use solvents. But it is removed only with the use of the nail beauty supplies (such as cutter and file) as much as possible, and without touching the natural nail ever.

Acrylic is less resistant. So it is possible to remove as much as possible with a file or a bur, and then finish the residues with a special solvent.

The semi-permanent nail polish is completely removed with the special solvent. After having carefully opacified the nail polish, disks are immersed in the specific solvent for semi-permanent nail polish and applied to each nail wrapped in foil for about 15 minutes. The enamel comes off like a film.

False myths of nail reconstruction

Often customers choose semi-permanent nail polish because they are convinced that removal without the use of a bur or file does not damage the nail in the least. It is a wrong concept because the gel and the gel polish must not be completely removed so these tools will never touch the nail.

On the contrary, the semi-permanent must be completely removed. Unlike gel and acrylic, it continues to polymerize. Furthermore, Removal will be faster after two weeks instead of four.The difference is that the gel removes much faster than the other two products.

To conclude, I can assure you that nail reconstruction does not hurt, it just depends on how the removal is done.

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