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Nail care with nail clippers?

Nail maintenance always involves an essential step: shortening your nails. But should we choose nail clippers to care for nails? Today, Your expert nail supplier Maryton will give you advice.

The nail clipper must be handled with care and its use is not suitable for all types of nails. In the long term, this manicure accessory can damage the nails during misuse. Improper use of this utensil over time can cause nails to break and the free edge to split.

It is best to use the nail clipper on thick and solid nails, such as those on the feet. This manicure tool is also ideal for people who want to cut their nails very short.

You must adopt the right gesture when using a nail clipper: place it on the free edge, straight, where you want to shorten the nail, then make a clean gesture. Always favor high quality manicure set to ensure safe work on the nails.

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