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Yellowed nails, which solutions?

Yellowed nails, which solutions

Yellowed nails sometimes find their origin in the application of pigmented nail polish but especially in the consumption of cigarettes. In all cases, the first layer of keratin that makes up the nail is stained, either by the pigments of the varnish, or, ultimately, by cigarette smoke.

However, this “yellow” coloration is generally superficial. If you use the right professional nail supplies, this problem will be easily solved.

A blow of polisher can therefore remove this film quite easily.

If this is not enough, it is also possible to apply a whitening treatment, available on the market.

A star method: lemon pulp

This more natural method is very popular: it consists of rubbing your nails with the pulp of a lemon and soaking them for a few minutes in hot water. Be careful, if the nails are yellow and crumbly, it could be a yeast infection. It is therefore recommended to consult a doctor as soon as possible in order to obtain adequate treatment.

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