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All the essentials for a successful semi-permanent manicure

Semi-permanent varnish is the solution if you are fed up with your varnish which is flaking or which only lasts a week. Do you want to create your own semi-permanent manicure at home, but you don’t know the steps to follow or the products to use? Don’t worry, the nail supply expert Maryton is here to guide you.

A primer to get you started on the application of semi-permanent varnish

The primer is a must-have that helps dehydrate nails that tend to be oily. It will also allow better adhesion of the semi-permanent varnish on the nail by filling in streaks and imperfections.

A very important base coat before applying semi-permanent varnish

Before applying the semi-permanent varnish, a base coat must be applied in order to extend the life of your manicure and protect your nail from the colored pigment of the varnish. It must be applied to the entire nail with a thin layer and must be dried under a UV/Led lamp.

A semi-permanent varnish of your choice

There are different types of semi-permanent varnish, ranging from plain varnish, to glitter varnish or even color-changing varnish. To apply your varnish, apply a first thin layer then cure under the lamp for 60-120 seconds. A second coat is necessary to reveal the true color of the polish.

A top coat to make your semi-permanent manicure shine

To finish the manicure, it is necessary to apply a top coat after applying the semi-permanent colored varnish. This step helps prolong the wear of the manicure and prevents the varnish from flaking.

A cleaner to degrease your nails

At the end of your manicure, you will notice a thin, greasy film on your nails; it is necessary to pass a cotton pad soaked in cleaner over it to remove it. The varnish will thus be cleaned and will have an extreme shine.

OK! You have all the information on the essential products to do your semi-permanent manicure at home like a professional. Get professional manicure sets on our e-shop and get your nails done at a low price.

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