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All the essentials for a successful semi-permanent manicure

Semi-permanent varnish is the solution if you are fed up with your varnish which is flaking or which only lasts a week. Do you want to create your own semi-permanent manicure at home, but you don't know the steps to follow or the products to use? Don’t worry, the nail supply expert Maryton is here to guide you. A primer to get you started on the application of semi-permanent varnish The primer is a must-have that helps dehydrate nails that tend to be oily. It will also allow better adhesion of the semi-permanent varnish on the nail by filling in streaks and imperfections. A very important base coat before applying semi-permanent varnish Before applying the semi-permanent varnish...

What Jewels to Offer at Christmas?

What Jewels to Offer at Christmas?

It's the end of the year and with it, the unmissable puzzle gifts to offer. To be sure to please all members of the family, nothing like a beautiful gem. From the most established brands to young designers, we present you our selection. The end of year celebrations are just around the corner and the beautiful jewels prove to be sure values ​​to please our loved ones. This season, the trend is clean and noble materials. Gold and silver are honored in the world of fantasy jewelery , materials that young designers twist with pearls like Aristocrazy and Lou Yetu. The gem is also popular among some artisans and sublime all parts, even the smallest. At Monsieur Paris, we find for example rushe...

4 Cute and Easy DIY Hair Accessories

Hey my beautiful ladies! Are you tired of wearing the same boring hairstyle day after day? If you want something more stylish for your hair than a plain old bobby pin and an old headband you are on the right place. This is a post in which you can seec cute and easy DIY hair accessories which are trendy and useful. The good hair accessories can easily save you from your bad hair day. If you are bored and cold, stay at home, look at the photos below and spend a little of your time making this fantastic projects. Follow the links under the photos to get to the full tutorials. I am sure that you will never leave your house with naked hair ever again when you make some of these Hair Accesso...