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All the essentials for a successful semi-permanent manicure

Semi-permanent varnish is the solution if you are fed up with your varnish which is flaking or which only lasts a week. Do you want to create your own semi-permanent manicure at home, but you don't know the steps to follow or the products to use? Don’t worry, the nail supply expert Maryton is here to guide you. A primer to get you started on the application of semi-permanent varnish The primer is a must-have that helps dehydrate nails that tend to be oily. It will also allow better adhesion of the semi-permanent varnish on the nail by filling in streaks and imperfections. A very important base coat before applying semi-permanent varnish Before applying the semi-permanent varnish...

The small equipment of the nail technician

As a nail technician, in addition to the essential equipment, there are some small equipment that are also essential. In this article, your nail supply expert Maryton gives you answers. Just keep reading! To do gel nails or other nail services, you also need specific equipment: 1. For the cuticles: Pliers of different diameter to cut cuticles and small dead skin around the nails.A cuticle pusher to take off and push back the flesh.Different pairs of scissors to cut the cuticles very precisely without risk of injury. 2. For the nails: coarse grain, medium grain and fine grain files to file the surface and the free edge of the nails, false nails or to remove the gel. 3. For th...