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Pamper your feet

Dry feet is a phenomenon that can occur all year round. Just because we put our scandals away in the closet doesn’t mean we have to forget those little feet that support us every day! Do you know how to pamper your feet? Just follow us!

Dry feet can become a real problem if you don’t pay attention to it. Indeed, the drying of the skin of the feet causes the appearance of unpleasant and painful roughness and calluses.

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How to overcome?

The best remedy for dry feet and calluses is to moisturize your feet every day and exfoliate once a week. If you have a little time, I advise you to take a foot bath with your foot spa kit for 10 minutes in order to soften the skin well. Then, you have to dry your feet and exfoliate them in order to remove dead skin.

After that, rinse your feet well and use a foot rasp on the places where the skin has thickened, usually on the arches of the feet and at the base of the toes. I strongly advise against the use of skin cutters or corns, which are sometimes too aggressive or/and poorly used, which risks causing cuts.

When you have regained your baby feet, it is best to go horny once a week and continue to frost every night without socks. This way, you will always get up on the right foot to start your day.

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