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What our hands say about our health

When specialists look at our hands, they may discover unexpected diagnostic leads. Don’t hesitate to show them in case of unusual signs.

Decipher stains and streaks on the nails

The white spots on the nails are not caused by a calcium deficiency. In reality, these spots are due to microtraumas, too aggressive cuticle care for example. On the other hand, a clear discoloration of the nails can be a sign of anemia or liver disease.

Sweaty hands: what if it was the thyroid?

In some, at the slightest emotion, the sweat glands of the palms get carried away. But sometimes, the origin of this disorder is not only emotional, it is to be found in a disorder of the thyroid. When it is overheated, the body begins to operate at full speed, which results, among other things, in the acceleration of the heart rate and excessive sweating.

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Stiffness in the fingers: a sign of diabetes

If you can’t put the fingers of both hands together, you should be screened for diabetes. Ditto if at night you suffer from numbness and pain in your fingers and hands. This is probably carpal tunnel syndrome which, again, is very often linked to diabetes.

Curved or domed nails: iron deficiency?

They bulge: this is due to a lack of oxygen, the blood no longer brings them enough. They become soft and scoop out: there is a good chance that your health is no longer iron. Either you lack it, or your liver absorbs it in excess. Or it’s your heart or your thyroid that are playing a bad trick on you.

OK! Now that you have known what our hands say about our health. In addition, you will also need to take regular care for your hand using manicure supplies. If you don’t have any nail products, check out our Maryton nail supply.

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