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Pro tips for a successful manicure at home

Summer is coming and you still have time to pamper your nails and practice applying your nail polish like a professional. Today, we will give you our tips for a top-notch manicure at home. Keep reading!

1. Healthy nails

It is essential to have healthy and strong nails to eat a balanced diet, to do regular manicures with your manicure set, and of course to moisturize the cuticles and edges of the nail. Take the time at bedtime to massage the base with a vegetable oil, or at least with a dab of your hand cream. The massage will nourish and strengthen the emerging nail, but also soften your cuticles.

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2. Impeccable nail polish application

– The surface of the nail must be nickel so that the color pigments adhere perfectly.

– After applying a base to optimize the hold of your varnish, apply your color in thin layers for faster drying.

– Wait 2 minutes before applying your top coat. In the meantime, soak an old lip brush, or that of a liner, in solvent to erase any color overflows on the skin.

– Once your top coat is in place, to prolong the duration of your polish and boost its shine, massage your nails with a cuticle oil.

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