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Why buy a nail reconstruction kit?

Nail art expert beauticians are becoming more and more popular, whose purpose is not only to reconstruct damaged nails, but also use enamels and other manicure sets to adequately decorate the surface. In this text we will see what it consists of, and therefore how to choose, a good kit for nail reconstruction, both for professional beauticians and the women who want to try on their own.

The most voluminous element of the kit is the UV LED lamp: there are not a few products on the market, not all of them well made. A UV LED lamp has a power of 48W. On the other hand, it is very important to check the safety of the lamp. In addition, the kit must not lack a Primer: it is a material, contained in a bottle like any nail polish, which creates adhesion between the natural nail and the one that will be synthesized with the gel.

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The fundamental objective of the kit is obviously the artificial reconstruction of the nail. We will start with the Basic Gel which has precisely the basic function, then we will use a specific gel to create the real structure of our reconstruction, this can be transparent, pink or milky.

Finally we will find a Sealing Gel that performs the function of polishing closure of the reconstruction. These products after each application will be catalyzed under the lamp, because once the gel comes into contact with the rays it solidifies, but will then leave a layer of dispersion that we will eliminate through the use of the cleaner / degreaser.

The nail resulting from the reconstruction will not have a perfect shape, this is why at least one file must be present in the kit, which allows the surface to be formed and smoothed. The ideal file is cardboard, abrasive but not scratchy and with an arch shape, in order to be used properly.

Finally, never forget the safety aspect. For this reason, the kit must contain a non-aggressive disinfectant to be applied both on the nails before treatment and on the tools used.

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