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Manicure: 6 useful tips to guarantee you excellent results

Taking care of our nails can really make a difference. It is a real business card to be treated and preserved over time. And how to do it if not with a perfect manicure? We have decided to provide you with 6 useful tips to get perfect nails directly from your home! Are you ready to discover them all? Let’s begin immediately!

1. remove your old nail polish

First of all, create an impeccable hand treatment. It is necessary to carefully remove the polish residues from the previous manicure. To do this, opt for a mild acetone, avoiding weaken your beautiful nails.

2. Shape your nails with a file

Disposable Professional Manicure Kits

Before moving on to cuticles and nail polishes, we must equip ourselves with the manicure set for an excellent manicure: the file, capable of giving the shape we most want to our nails. Using the file from the sides towards the center, give the nail the desired shape.

3. Dip your hands in hot water

It is time to immerse our hands in hot water. It will be able to relax the skin, softening the cuticles, which must then be eliminated. Specialists advise against cutting cuticles, as they also contribute to the protection of our nails. For this reason, you can pushing them towards the bottom with the professional manicure supply.

4. Hydrate and apply a base

Just before passing the color, remember to use a good base. In order to make the surface as smooth as possible, avoid the typical yellowish color of the nail.

5. apply the nail polish

Once you have chosen the color you like best, start applying it, starting from the center towards the two sides of the nail. The ideal solution would be to apply two layers, so as to guarantee a perfect and shiny color. Obviously, before the second pass, wait for the first layer to dry well.

6. away with a hardening nail polish

Once the second layer of nail polish is also dry, a perfect manicure ends with a drop of transparent hardening nail polish: it will give brilliance and shine to the whole, ensuring a longer duration of the treatment.

It is recommended to renew the manicure weekly. Do you also need a perfect manicure, capable of giving you beautiful colored and neat nails?  Discover on our Maryton site, our products, and enjoy all the treatments your body needs most.

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