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How to Remove Gel Nail Polish?

There is no woman who has not asked herself the question “will it hurt your nails?” and “is it possible to remove it without damaging the nails? How to do it?” In this article we will see what options are available to us when we need to remove semi-permanent nail polish.

The removal of semi-permanent nail polish is perhaps the most delicate phase of the whole “treatment”, because if not done correctly, which can damage the nail and exposing it to the risk of mycosis and bacterial infections. Removing the semi-permanent nail polish is not difficult but it must be done, if you are not able to do it yourself, only in specialized centers and by expert hands. It can be done in two ways basically, namely by filing or with the application of specific solvents, called remover.

Removal by filing is certainly the most widespread and also the first to be used. In this way the enamel is practically filed off completely. The filing must affect only the layers of enamel and not the nail bed which could be damaged as a result of a very aggressive filing. In fact, cases of nail regrowth with depressions or deformities due to too strong filings are not rare. Furthermore, exposing the deeper layers of the nail could be an opening for the entry of microorganisms such as bacteria and especially fungi, creating unsightly onychomycosis that are also difficult to eradicate.

In recent years, the removal of semi-permanent nail polish with a specific solvent called remover has become increasingly popular. This is usually an acetone-free nail polish remover that, when used correctly, shouldn’t damage your nails.

Following this post, do you want to have a try? Please make sure you have the professional nail supplies and exquisite technology, before you begin to remove your gel nail polish.

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