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Classic varnish, gel or semi-permanent, how to make the right choice?

Do you know the difference between classic varnish, gel or semi-permanent? The nail expert Maryton takes stock to help you understand what distinguishes the different formulas, their respective advantages but also their disadvantages. Follow the guide and make the right choice.

Classic varnish is easy!

Thanks to the solvents it contains, classic varnish is ultra simple to apply and guarantees a uniform result. After application, these solvents – which are volatile molecules – evaporate: the varnish dries and forms a beautiful solid and shiny layer. But this thin layer does not resist daily attacks for long, water being its worst enemy.

To remove it, it’s just as simple: simply apply a nail polish remover, containing solvents similar to varnish, which will reliquefy the formula.

Gel polish, for flawless nails but at what price…

The application of gel polish is generally done in an institute: the gel is first applied to the nail then shaped to give it the desired shape before catalyzing it under a lamp to harden it. Then, we move on to color, with a classic or semi-permanent varnish. 

Because, if we gain length, we also add thickness, thus giving a “shell” effect to the nail which is anything but natural. Another disadvantage to take into account: when removed, the nail is soft and will need several months to regain its natural rigidity.

The semi-permanent has it all!

Like classic varnish, semi-permanent varnish is applied directly to the nail. Installation is easy and quick and can be done both in an institute and at home. At the end of the 3 application stages (1 layer of Base Coat, 2 layers of color, 1 layer of Top Coat), you will easily obtain lacquered nails like you dreamed of it, with a perfectly natural result.  

When remove it, just apply a gentle nail polish remover without acetone. After a while, the color layer and base layer will peel off, most importantly without damaging the nails.

Hoping that this article has pleased you and will give you ideas! In addition, I recommend investing in some professional manicure sets to care for your hands.

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