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Why semi-permanent varnish is bad?

When I removed the semi-permanent varnish, it's been a disaster. My nails are thin, split, brittle and slightly yellowed. Screwed up, in short. I immediately condemned this crap of permanent varnish before trying to push the investigation further. After all, the winter, the bad weather, the decline in vitality could just as well have been held responsible for this state of affairs.  What should we do?How to remove the semi-permanent varnish with the professional manicure kit? After discussing it with a few companions of misadventures, but also two different manicurists, I am able to affirm it and therefore shout it loud and clear: semi-permanent varnish is the wrong ! First,...

The choice of semi-permanent varnish!

Nail polish has always been an accessory for flirtatious women, but in recent years its popularity has skyrocketed. Many manicure and pedicure sets have entered this niche and offer many more options. For some time now, a little new has appeared: the semi-permanent varnish! The main advantage of semi-permanent polish is that it lasts for at least two weeks without flaking on the hands and 3 to 4 weeks on the feet! Semi-permanent varnish is more than a varnish, it is an acrylic gel in which color pigments are incorporated. It is applied like a classic varnish but dries only under UV lamps which allows the material to harden and set for 2 to 3 weeks. You can do it ...

What are the benefits of semi-permanent nails?

What are the benefits of semi-permanent nails?

Semi-permanent nail polish offers many benefits, making it one of the favorite manicures of women. TO GET STARTED, IT WILL NOT MOVE FOR 2 TO 3 WEEKS, EVEN IF YOU PUT YOUR NAILS OR USE A LOT OF HANDS. It is therefore the ideal varnish for women who do not have time to redo their varnish often but who want to keep their nails impeccable in all circumstances! In addition, the semi-permanent varnish is available in a large number of colors. Whatever your favorite color, you can apply it as a semi-permanent varnish, and you can if you wish to change the varnish every 2 weeks! The semi-permanent varnish lasts a long time, but it is also very quick to apply. 20 to 30 seconds are enough...