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What types of prostheses to choose?

Nail prostheses, capsules or tips according to your preferred name, have various shapes. Do you know the difference between the “conventional” prosthesis and the “French” prosthesis? Today, your nail supply expert Maryton will give you answer.

Conventional nail prosthesis

The conventional prosthesis has a wider shoulder than the French one. It is therefore used to have a better adhesion to the plate, because it covers more surface. It is perfect for small nails and even for bitten nails.

French nail prosthesis

The French prosthesis is used on nails whose plate is longer. By using this type of prosthesis, we are looking to lengthen the nail or create a French look.

In order to know if this prosthesis is adequate when you want a French tip, you have to think about the plate/tip ratio so that the finish is beautiful and elegant.

Now that you know the types of the prostheses, take action with your manicure sets

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