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How to choose the right nail file?

The nail file is one of the essential tools to get in the nail prosthesis starter kit. How to choose your nail files? How to use each type of nail file? Your expert nail supplier gives you advice.

  • Cutters for electric nail drills

Electric nail drills are undoubtedly the most efficient and effective files. It allows you to carry out work that is as precise as it is fast, without the risk of injuring your customer’s fingers. Nail drill machines are best used on false nails and the cuticles of natural nails. They are ideal for filing the top of the gel nail, to smooth its appearance or to remove the first layers of artificial nails.

  • Stainless steel files

The stainless steel file is generally abrasive and requires a little dexterity. The person must always file their nails in the same direction so as not to weaken the free edge. However, this type of file is not recommended for those who have soft, brittle or splitting nails.

  • Glass files

Just like stainless steel files, glass files are also recommended for individuals and not for professionals, because they break when they fall or suffer an impact. The glass nail file is ideal for people who have fragile, soft or brittle natural nails.

  • Cardboard/foam files

The cardboard nail file is the reference file on the nail prosthesis and manicure market. It is disposable and therefore allows hygiene measures to be respected when intended for professional use. Depending on its abrasiveness, it can be used on natural and/or artificial nails. The straight file is used more for shaping the free edge while the half-moon file is reserved for smoothing the surface of the nail.

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