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Summer manicures: adopt the 2 trends of the season

Between the luminous coral varnish and the silver French manicure, does your heart hesitate? Do you want to have a perfect manicure for summer? Take your manicure set and make your choice by following our advice.

Vitamin coral manicure

Very pretty on golden, mestizo or black skin, this orange coral is both peppy. Place it preferably on short nails and rounded shape, for a more chic look. If you have fair skin, the result will be prettier with a coral with pink undertones.

To get that pretty shine, apply a base coat, then two thin coats of colored polish, a generous coat of top coat and a few spritzes of drying accelerator spray. Renew the application of the top coat every two or three days to maintain this shine and prolong the hold of the varnish.

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Metallic silver manicure

This chrome manicure is perfect for a night out. Very elegant on light skin, it is a little more daring on dark skin. To wear on mid-length or long nails to lengthen the fingers. To achieve it, count about ten minutes more than for a classic varnish application.

Start by applying a base coat to your nail, followed by two coats of metallic gray polish. Place a drop of gray glitter hairspray on aluminum foil. Take a little material with a makeup sponge, then tap on the tip of the nail to deposit the glitter. Repeat the operation for more intensity.

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