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How to harden your nails?

Your nails are soft and you want to strengthen them and make them long? Here are some pro tips for healthy hands and nails.

Opt for oils

To keep your nails healthy, the first thing is to take care of their cuticle. But, how to do? In fact, all oils will do the job, what is really important is to massage the cuticles well while applying them. Ideally, performing these massages once a day.

Make cures

The cures promise stronger nails. It is a question of applying a specific care a little every day for about 3 weeks. If you don’t want to wait, there are other solutions exist. we can do a treatment based on eggshell proteins which offers a quick and effective result.

Opt for builder gel

This solution is acclaimed by “the majority of women who suffer from soft nails”. If the problem is not solved, this technique allows the nail not to break and to be longer.  Above all, you can make it longer or shorter according to your tastes.

In addition to these mentioned above, you also need to using professional manicure set to care for your nails in your daily life. If you don’t have any manicure supplies, check out our Maryton website, where there are all kinds of nail beauty products.

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