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Nail beauty: the benefits of Olive oil

For every woman who uses our permeable varnishes, taking care of her nails is just as essential. Natural remedies are the most recommended and among them is olive oil.

Olive oil strengthens and hydrates the nail

In a woman, the nails are of great importance. They are synonymous with femininity and beauty and we are trying to embellish them with manicure kits. Unfortunately, on a daily basis, household chores in particular put the nails to the test: doing the dishes, washing the clothes by hand, chemicals and other cleaners… are real enemies for the nails.

Then the fortifying and moisturizing benefits of olive oil are a real help. The main characteristic of olive oil is precisely to strengthen the nail. It will be fortified and more resistant by being treated regularly with olive oil. Indeed, the latter is very effective in preventing the nails from being brittle and weakened. In addition, olive oil is also an excellent solution for deep hydration.

A recipe often comes up for fortification and hydration:

You have to chop a clove of garlic in a small bowl of fresh orange juice. Afterwards, you will have to soak your fingers in this mixture for about ten minutes. Once this time has passed, dip your fingers into another small bowl containing olive oil. Again, it will be necessary to wait about ten minutes.With two uses per week, this treatment will help your nails.

As shown above, start your nail tour with Olive oil! If you want to know more about nail beauty products, please take a look at our Maryton website.

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