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What colors of nail polish to use on short nails?

Do you have short nails and are wondering which nail polish to use? Here is a small guide to choose the most suitable color for those with not too long nails!

The nail art and the application of the enamel are not exclusive only to those who have very long nails. On the contrary, there are many colors that suitable for those who cannot exaggerate with the lengths. But beware: short nails do not mean nibbled, unkempt and left to themselves, even those who choose to wear them like this must keep in mind that in any case they must be well filed with the professional nail supplies.

Nail polishes for short nails: green light to color!

If you like to indulge yourself with bright and fluo colors, you can choose all the bright, vitaminic nuances, like the ones we have seen going all the way this summer. So let’s say yes to yellows, fuchsia, bright purples and acid greens! For those looking for something soft and not too flashy, pastel colors are recommended. Candy pink, lilac, melon and even a mint green are ideal as nail polishes for short, manicured nails, perhaps with a square cut. However, whites, nudes and pearl grays should be avoided: these are colors that tend to “shorten” and make the hands appear squat.

Evergreens are a must: black and red in all its variations look very good on all types of nails as long as you keep a little distance from the skin when you pass it, both on the sides and at the bottom. In fact, by keeping yourself a little further away from the edges, you give a “lengthening” effect. It is a small optical illusion that will make your nails look longer and tapered.

And what about the finish? On the short nail the must is the super ultra glossy lacquer! Dare with the top coat by putting on even two coats, instead avoid mattes and velvets, especially if you use very bright colors.

And you? What do you think of my nail polish proposals for short nails? Is there any other advice you want to give that I haven’t listed here? As always, I wish you have a good manicure!

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