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What Can Hearing Aids Bring US?

What Can Hearing Aids Bring US?

Buying a hearing amplification devices is an important decision, it’s about your quality of life. Take the time you need and get advice when comparing models. What are the first steps to leave your deafness behind? And what are the non-negligible points during the consultation? We have gathered for you the most important advice and information.

Why are people do not want wearing hearing aids?

Modern hearing aids are virtually invisible in the ear. These are real small technological marvels, water and dust resistant that can connect wirelessly to many other electronic devices. Yet many people who do not hear well but do not want to wear hearing aids. What is it due to? The reasons are multiple.
Some people who are hard of hearing refuse to admit that they have difficulty hearing. A large majority of patients are actually unaware of their hearing problems. Since hearing loss is often slow and insidious, it is not easy to detect. At first, many people with hearing loss feel that other people are talking in their beards. The volume of the television is just slightly stronger than before. Sometimes they do not hear the phone ring, but that does not really seem to be a problem.

Signs of hearing loss are slowly increasing. If you find that you or your partner show signs of deafness, you must react quickly, because it is still possible to find a good hearing.

There is also the fact that, in public opinion, only elderly people are affected by hearing loss. The risk of hearing loss increases from age 40, many individuals notice their first hearing problems at that age. It is therefore in no way a sign of aging.

What are the most common prejudices about hearing aids?

Hearing aids are of no use: this prejudice is tenacious. But where does it come from? Until a few years ago, hearing aids were a kind of coarse hook that was trapped behind the ear and resulted in only minimal improvement in hearing ability.

Old hearing aids caused a frequent and painful problem for the ears. The Larsen effect could occur during hugs for example. This problem is solved today.

The idea that you just have to continue to “train” your ears is also hard, and many people think that they will develop their hearing through a hearing aid, so their hearing depends on a technical tool. Hearing does not regenerate itself, however, if a hearing problem is present, it is almost impossible to cancel its progress.A hearing aid amplifiers is often the only help possible.Technology does not cure the patient, but allows him to live better with his hearing loss.

What are the first steps?

Hearing is one of our most important senses. That is why it is important to ensure our hearing health and to consult promptly a hearing care professional or an ENT doctor in case of hearing problems.

If you think you have a hearing loss, do not wait to make an appointment with a hearing care professional. This will determine if you have a hearing loss and will inform you about the possibilities available to you.

What should I consider before my purchase?

Buying a hearing aid is an important decision and can significantly improve your quality of life. Take the time to consult an experienced hearing care professional and find the right solution together.

  • Stay informed about hearing problems and possible treatments.
  • As a preparation, take our hearing test online .
  • Find a hearing center near you .
  • When you search, do not be fooled by promotional offers: digital hearing aids have a cost, but they can have beneficial results when they are adjusted by a hearing care professional based on your hearing problems and your needs personal.
  • Perform a hearing screening with your hearing care professional and let the hearing care professional explain the results in detail.
  • He will be able to show you and calmly explain the different models that may be suitable for your hearing problems and your lifestyle.
  • Find out which services are included in the purchase price. Your hearing care professional can provide you with information on insurance coverage and possible steps that can help reduce maintenance and repair costs or loss.
  • Make sure your prosthesis is perfectly adjusted. The wearing of poorly adjusted prostheses causes discomfort and the devices in question do not offer the desired sound quality either.
  • Talk to your loved ones about your new prosthesis and explain to your friends and acquaintances that they no longer need to raise their voices in an exaggerated way when talking to you.
  • Find out about the duration of the trial phase during which you can test prostheses for free.

Do I need special accessories for my hearing aids?

Ask your hearing care professional if the use of accessories is appropriate. There are auxiliary devices that give you a little extra speech intelligibility when you watch TV, call or chat with a large group of people. Depending on the manufacturer, the model and price, technology and performance vary from one hearing aid to another. In principle, the more specific information you give your hearing care professional about your daily hearing habits, the more precisely he can advise you in choosing the right accessories for your hearing aid.

Hearing aids do more than just increase the volume. They automatically detect and adapt to different hearing situations. Our patients then taste again the joys of social activities. The additional use of connected hearing systems broadens the potential applications of hearing aids. During a conference, a show, in the cinema or theater in particular, it is often useful to transmit the sound signals directly to the hearing aid. Ambient noise, a common feature of large crowds, is masked as efficiently as possible. Modern hearing systems are durable and reliable. Experience shows it, thanks to these accessories,

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