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Review of Pamu Slide Headphones, an All-in-one Necessity

Review of Pamu Slide Headphones, an All-in-one Necessity

Ever since the iPhone has cut the 3.5 headphone jack and announced that it will push the IT industry into a more wireless world. With the launch of Apple’s AirPods headphones, true wireless headphones, the world of music is emerging immediately. And today I have True Wireless Headphones at YouTuber. Many nicknamed the AirPods Killer.

This Pamu Slide headphones I got from the fundraising site on Indiegogo. As of the writing date, the fundraising has been completed. There are 2 models which are:

  • Normal models, which include shipping + tax
  • The model that can use the cable box as a wireless charger for the phone

Wait for almost a month and a half after raising funds. Until getting the product which is faster than normal of fundraising websites (usually have to wait 3-4 months)


The box is about the size of a palm. Size is not big, not small. The front of the box has a product image. And attach the Qualcomm aptX logo on the bottom right corner, which is one of the cool features of this headphone.

Review of Pamu Slide Headphones, an All-in-one Necessity

Open the black box to see the headphones and the headphones are separated. On the left is a little introduction. If you take out the box of the earphone, you will find the box that holds the small gift box as shown on the right.

PaMu Slide Wireless Headphones Function Reviews

When unpacking the free item, it will find that the following free items

  • The manual (not in Thai) tells how to connect the headphones and what the headphones can do.
  • Charging cable for the headphone box. Another advantage of this earphone is that it uses a USB Type-C charging cable. Most devices released this year already use this port. Not even iPad Pro, Macbook, the only remaining iPhone is that it has not changed at all.
  • Earplugs, which are supplied a lot. Come in a total of 6 pairs. 6 sizes are S, S +, M, M +, L, L +. The advantage is that each size is not much apart. Some people are unequal in both ears. But not much difference, can move half the size

This will be the same as in the box. Considered to be in accordance with the standards that should be obtained Not missing no more. Next, we will look at the headphones.

Review of Pamu Slide Headphones, an All-in-one Necessity


Let’s look at the specification. Key Feature There are 6 main features as follows:

  • Play music for 60 hours – that is, headphones can be used to listen to music for nearly 10 hours without taking it back into the box to charge. This is considered a great advantage of this model. Because most true wireless headphones can only be used to listen to music for about 3-4 hours on a single charge. And the headset box has an additional 2,000 mAh battery, allowing it to charge for another 5 cycles. From the actual use, it can be used to listen to music in the workplace too. 1 week and then bring the headphones back to charge easily. This is truly 1 in the Killing Feature.
  • Touch controls – Touch to play / pause music, change songs, adjust volume, call Siri / Google Assistance. Which the touch system has is better than the push-type, as it doesn’t have to have a subtle color in the ear when pressing But the disadvantage is that sometimes we want to move the corner of the listener may become an unintentional operation.
  • Qualcomm QCC3020 – supports Blutooth 5.0 connectivity and aptX technology (available only on the Android side, but iOS not available) to help you improve sound quality and delay.
  • Auto pairing – If we already paired the headphones. Next time, just take the headphones out of the box, it will automatically pairing with the phone.
  • IPX6 water resistance – True Wireless headphones of most exercise lines are sweat-resistant IPX4. Is sufficient for use, but the Pamu Slide is waterproof, sweat resistant, which can be used in heavy rain conditions Which this headphone can be worn without exercising
  • The charger is Type C which supports Fast Charge.

The case is a square shape, quite large because it has a battery of 2000 mAh. If wearing a trouser pocket it will definitely come out ugly. This is another disadvantage.

Wireless Charger models have a button on the side of the USB Type C that remains the same in all respects.

Ordered to see there are 2 colors, black and green This green color looks pretty. Although it may be brighter than the green color of the iPhone 11 Pro, it looks equally luxurious.

Headphones are wireless in ear headphones, which many people may not like because they say that the ear hurts. But Pamu Slide makes the oval shaped ear hole, making it easier to attach to the ear. And can be worn for a long time without hurting the ear.

From the bottom, there will be a Pamu logo screened here. Honestly, I don’t like too much. Next up will be the connection status indicator. Next up is a section where we can tap to perform tasks such as playing music, calling Google Assistance. Above that, it is seen as a part of the silicone, which helps to lock the earphone so that it does not slip out during exercise. From the test, found that it does not really fall out, can be worn and run comfortably.


For this headphone will give a heavy sound to the bass. The big bass, strong, able to listen to fun songs such as Pop Rock EDM. The singing is good. The downside is that the treble can not be extended. It will lack jingle. But if you want to find headphones to wear a workout that is a fun beat song or listen to this Podcasts is very good. The separation of music can be done at a medium level. And of course, the voice of this person is defeated by Sennheiser Momentum Truewireless, but can certainly not exceed its value.

The big problem with True Wireless headphones is that if you go to watch movies, you’ll encounter problems. The picture comes first. Sound Most of the headphones in the market have this problem except AirPods + iPhone. Because he tuning the system to reduce the delay here.

As for the Pamu Slide, there is a solution to this problem, with the headset being able to use Qualcomm aptX technology, which from the actual use found that must be very careful, if you use YouTube to play normal games. We will not feel any delay. Until having to try and stare a lot to the point of feeling This is because the latency is no more than 130ms. Normally, if the latency is less than 100 ms, when we will not notice, the latency of other headphones is generally 200 ms, except for the top Like the Sony WF-1000XM3 Truly Wireless, which doesn’t understand why not put it on.



  • Can listen to music for a long time
  • Good sound, fun listening What is the best base?
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable to wear, does not hurt the ears
  • USB type C
  • When a call comes in, the sound will be output on both ears.
  • Can be used on one side only
  • When watching movies, it does not feel distracting at all. Must really watch
  • The sound of the microphone when talking is clear and well done.


  • The charging box is too big. Quite bulky
  • Wireless charge is not fast and the capacity is not so large that it can be used really that much.
  • Hard to find a headphone stopper due to the oval shape
  • The chance to encounter a lot of broken headphones (Notice from the clip on YouTube and the channel for people to ask – answer on Indiegogo) and Support Sucks (if there is a distributor in Thailand may be better)
  • There is still a signal of missing in the place where there are a lot of people.

For Pamu Slide, it is still very recommended. For anyone who is looking for a True Wireless Headphone that is worth every baht, every satang like this Suitable for everyone whether to listen to music in the office or wear for exercise.

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