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PaMu Slide Compare with AirPods

PaMu Slide Compare with AirPods

I tried PaMu Slide and AirPods side by side. Although the size of the earphone body is not much different, the case size is slightly larger in PaMu Slide. But if you always carry a bag, this size is fine, but for me who wants to carry it in my trouser pocket, it’s a bit ugly.

PaMu Slide is equipped with a 2000mAh battery to achieve 60-hour playback. Although it is unavoidable to increase the size of the case, the honest impression is that it was bigger than I thought.

PaMu Slide Compare with AirPods

A feeling of wearing

The AirPods were deceived as “from ears to udon” because the slender body looks white and hangs down from the ears. There is a feeling that you are getting used to it, but there are still many people who are resistant to this form. Compared to AirPods that extend to the bottom of the earlobe, the compactness of PaMu Slide that fits inside the earlobe is attractive.

The PaMu Slide also comes with a 6-size earpiece. You can choose an earpiece that fits your ear size, so it’s recommended for people who don’t have one-size AirPods that fit their ears. Of course, it can be stored in the charging case with the earpiece attached.

Feeling of use

The appeal of PaMu Slide is that you can perform various operations in the touch area. The touch area is not designed to be recessed, so you can just touch it lightly. PaMu Slide is superior in operability in that the volume can be controlled with the earphone itself.

Sound quality

To be honest, I can’t say which is better. Although it is an individual impression, AirPods has a sharp and clear outline. On the other hand, is PaMu Slide feel like a rich sound quality?

AirPods are more impressive when listening in a quiet place. The PaMu Slide wireless in ear headphones is more immersive when listening in a noisy environment.

PaMu Slide may not fit someoneelse’s ear if you don’t wear an earpiece that fits your size. AirPods are perfect for my daughter’s ears, but PaMu Slide with my sized earpieces won’t fit.

In addition, AirPods will stop sounding when one of them is removed from the ear, so when you drop your daughter, you will notice on the spot, but PaMuSlide does not stop even if one ear is removed, so it will not stop falling in PairPods Disadvantage that you do not notice! ?

PaMu Slide Summary

There is no spec-like dissatisfaction with PaMu Slide.

It is superior to AirPods in various ways, such as connection time with iPhone, playback time, a lot of operation methods, waterproofness, color variation, etc.

I am an active AirPods user and there is almost no problem even if I replace it with PaMu Slide. The only complaint is the size of the charging case is too large. . .If you put it in your trousers pocket, it will be awkward. Only there is regrettable. I wish I could have a smaller charging case with about 30 hours of playback. But that is the only complaint.

I choose pamu earbuds on the day I carry my bag, and I will definitely carry it with me when I move for a long time. I’m glad I got it.

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