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6 steps for nail polish application that lasts

Are you tired of redoing your manicure every 2 days? To save you the trouble, the nail supply expert Maryton offers tips on getting a pretty manicure that lasts several days. Read on!

1. We degrease!

We degrease the surface of the nail with nail polish remover or white vinegar using a cotton ball. In addition to disinfecting the nail, this will make your nails matte, which will allow the base coat to adhere more easily and prevent possible peeling of the varnish.

2. We file!

We file lightly by scratching the nail, this helps to smooth out any irregularities and make the base adhere better to the nail.

3. Apply a base!

We apply a base coat to the entire nail in a thin layer, in order to protect the nail from yellowing and to allow the varnish to have better hold.

4. Varnish!

Once the base coat has dried, you can apply your nail polish. We start at the edges and finish towards the center of the nail. Always apply your varnish in thin layers to prevent it from drying with difficulty.

5. Top coat finish!

We always finish our manicure with a top coat, this will immediately make your nail polish shinier, and will also and above all serve to protect it and thus prevent the nail polish from peeling off.

6. Better twice than once!

1 day or 2 after doing your manicure, we re-apply a second layer of top coat on each nail to preserve its shine and hold.

Hoping that this article has pleased you and will give you ideas! In addition, I recommend investing in some manicure sets to care for your nails.

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