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Nail tattoos are back for an original and totally ephemeral manicure

Nail tattoos allow you to display a unique style, the ephemeral side in addition. In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will explain everything to you.

Nail tattoos, how do they work?

Nail tattoos are made in the same way as skin tattoos: the professional uses a tattoo machine to draw symbols or letters on the flat of the nail. Due to the specificities of the horny plaque, this method requires particular dexterity.

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Are nail tattoos permanent?

Unlike tattoos on the skin, where the ink is deposited between the dermis and the epidermis, tattoos on the nails are made on the surface and don’t reach the nail bed. Nail tattoos disappear with the growth of the nail, which takes six months.

Are fingernail tattoos dangerous?

When done by a tattoo machine professional, fingernail tattoos are not dangerous, but as with any body modification, there are risks.

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There are soft tissues that can be injured by the tattoo artist if the movements are too aggressive. The risk would be bleeding and infection in the finger, which can become dangerous quickly. The worst development would be compartment syndrome. In general, however, it is as safe as a classic tattoo on the skin.

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