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How to choose the right size of your nail capsules?

The hands are a very exposed part of the body and which are sometimes even considered as assets of seduction, you need to use professional manicure kit for care of them. When you opt for the application of capsules to make your hands more feminine and harmonious, it is very important to know how to choose the ideal capsule. In this article, I will tell you how to choose the right size of your nail capsules.

Some capsule kits can contain a large multitude of capsules with different sizes and different notch sizes. To choose well, you must favor capsules with exactly the same width as your natural nails. In this way, you will obtain a harmonious and natural result. If you can’t find suitable capsules, you can file it until it adapts perfectly to your nail. To be sure of your shot, do not hesitate to put the different capsules on your own nail until you find the perfect capsule.

There are also different sizes of notches, large and small. Be aware that these two types of capsules according to their notches don’t arise in the same way. The caps with wide notches are generally used on very short or bitten nails. They arise on half of the nails then must be filed with great insistence until the demarcations disappear. In the case of the capsule with a small notch, it is placed on the edge of the nail and a very quick and superficial filing is carried out to remove the demarcation.

In addition to not being very aesthetic, the capsule can be damaged, peeled off or even broken. They can take off the dorsal pulp of your fingers or even cause the appearance of fungal infections. When you remove your capsules also you must take some precautions in order to facilitate their removal. Simply soak your nails for 10 minutes in nail polish remover for the glue to come off. Take your hands out of the container and dry them, normally the capsules should be able to remove themselves.

You will find capsules in specialized shops or in supermarkets or on the internet. They can be sold in batches of 50 up to 500 units with different notch sizes and widths. You are sure to find the one you need!

If you still want to look for the nail beauty products, recommend you just click here! Hoping this article will helped you to adopt good habits for the health of your nails!

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