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White varnish: top or flop?

If we spot white nails so often among it-girls and stars, it’s because it’s very much a trendy and essential color for years. To learn more about this color, your nail supply expert Maryton will approach the varnish from different angles. Let’s go around!

  • An essential varnish

It is indeed essential during a French manicure. In this case, the white varnish can be directly applied in the form of a half-moon on the nail.

  • A trend that divides opinions

The creators and manufacturers of cosmetics regularly bring out the white varnish on the catwalks. However, this color struggles a little to impose itself. It’s quite normal if you get a little lost.

  • It is also a good investment

Although not always staying at the head of the trend, the white varnish will serve you sooner or later. As with black nail polish, this shade is a good basic to have in your nail polish range.

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