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Five glittery nail ideas for a girly summer

Who doesn’t dream of a seaside mermaid look? Drop Ariel’s tail, too heavy to bear. This summer, whatever your age, opt instead for glitter on your nails to be on top of the trends.

The degraded sequined French

For this summer, treat yourself, try the glitter gradient that starts from the free edge towards the nail plate. You can also ask your nail technician to make the French offset or to make it in gradient, but starting from the lunula, which is the base of the nail.

Rhinestones, for a shiny look

Add one here and there or paste any line between your french and the nail plate. The glitter powder on the nails also makes a splash and looks like you have deposited thousands of diamond shards on your nails.

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Glitter on gel nails

For a lasting result, it is advisable to apply the glitter on false nails in gel or with semi-permanent varnish. From stardust to gold leaf, everything is allowed for a successful summer. The advantage of gel is that the length of the nails can be long.

Gold to reveal the radiance of the sun

What could be better than the color gold for your nails this summer. Real trend of the season, you can’t do better. On a transparent base, sprinkle the free edge of glitter, without being afraid to exceed on the nails. To be chic, ask your nail technician to make a gold border on every other nail.

The color for a pep’s summer

During the summer, don’t hesitate to put color on your nails. Water green, white or pink, dare the flashy and glittery shade. Just like with gold glitter, you can go for a solid color on all the nails and some shine on some of them.

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