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UV gel is better and safer than acrylic?

You're told it's about replacing bad acrylics with "softer, healthier and safer" UV gels. Is this really the case? In this article, your nail supply expert Maryton will explain to you. In fact, claims that UV gels are better and safer than acrylics are silly. Why? Because UV gels are acrylic-based. The formula is the same, only the proportions and binders change. Only the production process is a bit different. The only thing that caused resin moldings to be abandoned a little was the bad chemical smell of the monomer which did not allow this activity to be developed. Today, many hair salons or beauty institutes offer this service, which was not possible with resin because the ba...

How to apply UV gel?

Your nail supply expert Maryton present below a builder gel protocol for the application and installation of our UV gels in the context of the installation of capsules. Keep reading! 1. Preparation of the nail Stretch any traces or residue of varnish on the nail with a solvent.Push back the cuticles.Shorten and gently file the nail with a nail file.Remove the natural shine of the nails with a buffing block.Apply the super primer. Allow to dry naturally for 10 seconds. 2. Laying the capsules Take care to choose the size of the capsules carefully.Glue the capsules.Cut the capsules to the desired length using a capsule cutter then file according to the desi...