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How to put fake nails on your feet?

The application of false nails on the feet is very popular. Elegance and comfort for the foot, anything goes. In this article, your expert nail supplier Maryton will tell you all about this new trend. 1. The advantages and disadvantages of false nails on the feet The advantages If the nails are broken, damaged, it is better to opt for false nails for top beauty.With false nails on your feet, you can afford all the looks you want, since the feet are not exposed as much as the hands. Gel false nails last a long time: 4 weeks on average. The disadvantages As with the hands, resin false nails cause the natural nail to turn yellow. In addition, make sure the product doesn't sp...

The 5 good reasons to go in the sun with semi-permanent nail polish on your feet

The feet support our body weight and suffocate in our shoes, so they are appear neglected sometimes. However, the feet should be attention. To be serene and beautiful on the beach, here are the 5 good reasons to go in the sun with semi-permanent nail polish on your feet. The semi-permanent varnish dries quickly Painting her nails reveals in a woman that she is well cared for. Abused hands or feet are unsightly. The semi-permanent varnish comes in the form of gel or acrylic gel. It is necessary to apply 3 coats: the base, the color and the top coat. Each layer should be cured under UV/LED lamp. The semi-permanent varnish on the feet is resistant The...