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How to do a homemade pedicure?

With the pace of life, our feet need to be carefully cared every day.But how to do a homemade pedicure?First of all,it is advisable to make a foot bath clean and care for your feet.Simply add three tablespoons of coarse salt and one cup of olive oil to 10 liters of water. The oil-salt mixture will make your skin supple and soft. You can even add a few lemon slices. It helps soften your cuticles and callused skin and disinfects your feet.Secondly,you should treat your feet with hydration and massage. Now is the time to soothe and hydrate your cells even more. To do this, use a specialized cream. Massage your feet for well-being and relaxation! The soles of our feet have countless nerve endin...

What are cuticles?

What are cuticles?

The first step is to differentiate between the cuticles and the eponychium, as confusion occurs quite often. IN FACT, WE CALL CUTICLES, THE SMALL DEAD SKINS THAT ARE CLOSED AROUND A NAIL. These are dead skin that serve as protection for very sensitive parts of the body. As for the eponychium, it is a bead of skin found along the fingernails. One of the characteristics of cuticles is that it is difficult, if not impossible, to treat them effectively. However, given their protective role for the nails, it is essential not to neglect them. Taking care of it is therefore necessary. Boxwood sticks are recommended for cuticle care. They have the advantage of being soft enough not to a...